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Mary Ann (Turner) Hernandez is the moderator of the 1982 class. Please email her for any class news or reunions.

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Carranza, Velia 12/12/2006
Douglas, Thomas

      117 Lake Manor Drive

         Kingsland, GA 31548


7/20/2008 Spouse name: Karen Douglas College info: Associates in Business Administration and Electronics Technology. Bachelors in Banking and Finance Family info: Three (3) sons: Carlos - 18 and attending college. Leighton (5) and Nicholas (18 months) Job info: Retired from the Navy as a Missile Technician. Currently employed as a Revenue Officer for the Internal Revenue Service  Hobbies:  Fishing and hanging with my family  Influence: Mr Rufus was the most influential because he pushed me to do things and I really needed that. Things Different:  I don't think I would change anything.  Friends: Edward Baty (Cat), Troy Roy, Asa Bell

Elizondo, Glafiro

Plano 12/18/2014
Hilburn, Ernest

07/20/04 - Spouse Name -  Karina Elizondo

Richard Ivory
2514 Sunflower Drive
Arlington,Texas 76014
College info: Bishop College (MO) and UT Arlington BA in Crinmal Justice. Job info: I've been a Police Officer For over 10 years. I work in Mansfield, Texas. Hobbies: I love going to the movies and out to dinner. I'M big movie buff, I can go to the Movies and stay all day. I love to travel when I get the chance. Influence: I would like to say that one Teacher that probably had the most effect on me was Coach Walker and Coach West. He encouraged me to play football. I really enjoyed attending N/D I really enjoyed the people. Guys like James Hicks, Dinky, Murray, David Ferrell, Hosley Minafee, and many others. I even met my wife there. Imagine that!!!!!!! Things Different: Yeah maybe, but what is done, is done. Comments: If you played football for North Dallas High give a call and we can talk about the good ol days. Hosley not you I think we talk enough. Big Don, Big Vic, Big Jeff we should get the together. Big Vic don't let me have to come looking for you!!!!!!!!!!!
Lee, Miguel  
Luna, Irene
2308 Glenfield Avenue
Dallas, Texas  75224
03/06/02 - Family info: Glafiro Elizondo, Jr. - 16 years, Gabriel Elizondo - 12 years. Job info: Legal Assistant/Secretary.  Hobbies: soccer, tennis. Influence: Mr. Frye, Mr. Cochran, Mr. Mora, Ms. Zamorano. Ms. Rocha. Things Would Do Different:Nothing, high school was great.
Joe T. Martinez 08/14/06
Ramirez, Albert  
(Ruiz) Macias, Patricia

816 Redcedar Way Drive
Coppell, Texas 75019

SPOUSE NAME: Louis Macias.  FAMILY INFO: We have 3 great boys...Nick (born Christmas Day, 1982), Mike (born Valentine's Day, 1986, and Jon (born Father's Day, 1990).  Nick is 20, a sophomore in college and an avid hockey player.  Mike is a Junior in high school and plays football and runs track...loves "off-roading".  Jon is 13 and plays baseball. I could go on and on but I'll just say that I've been very blessed.  JOB INFO: I've been with ClubCorp since 1985 and held many positions, from Human Resources recruiter to Office Operations Manager.  This is my home and I love it... HOBBIES: My favorite hobby is my boys.  Other than that, I love to sew, read, attend plays and musicals, and dinner parties with our good friends. NDHS INFLUENCE: Mr. Scotch was a great guy...I'm blessed to have known him.  The two teachers who influenced me most were Ms. Barnhill and Ms. Nicolette.  They were awesome and I wish I knew then how appreciative I would be to them now.  They were the best. WOULD DO DIFFERENT: I had a great time in high school and wouldn't change a thing...(maybe one thing but why dwell on the past?) I made some great friends and I'll always have wonderful memories! COMMENTS: Louis and I have been married 20 years and are doing great.  We have a great home in Coppell and life is good!!!
(Smith) Peed, Aline Elizabeth

209 1/2 W. Tilden

Roswell, NM  88203

(575) 624-8543

6/27/2008 - Family_info: I am a mother and birth mother.  My children are: Elizabeth (21), Kenneth (9), Rayden (7), and Alexia (3).  Hobbies: I love to knit and crochet and am eternally grateful that I learned how from my Mother (may she rest in Peace).  I also enjoy researching my family tree, and have learned a great deal about myself through my forefathers and foremothers.   Influence: Off the top of my head:  Ms. Hurt, Mr. Mora, Mr. Smethers, Mr. Garland, and Mr. Harris (o.k. I did have to cheat and look in my yearbook for a couple of them).  My favorite clubs were Key Club and Drama Club. Things Different: Date more. Friends: Irene Luna, Pat Ruiz, Ophelia Garcia, Darlene Currie (I really miss her), Gina Rangel, Gary Steelman (I thought he was hot), Paul Currie (Darlene's brother), Christine Leal, Raymond Juarez (I thought he looked like John Travolta [he he]), Robert Guerra (my first crush), Asa Bell, Peter Lynch (mmmmmmmm) Comments: Well to say that life after NDHS has not been kind is the truth.  In this time I have made many mistakes and learned many hard lessons.  But through it all I can say I know who I am and there is very little I would change.  My one and only regret is that I did not know I was not meant to be a Mother.  Please understand that I do not for one minute regret having my children; my only regret is that they were born to me.  Since the birth of my youngest I have come to grips with this and have made peace with myself.  I am eternally grateful to the three families who took my children in and made them a part of their families.  Of them, only one is an open adoption and that is for my youngest Alexia.  I strongly support the adoption of Special Needs children because my sons Kenneth and Rayden both have special needs and I consider it a blessing that there are two families in this country who were willing to open their hearts and their homes to my sons.

(Turner) Hernandez, Mary Ann
05/19/2006 - Spouse name: Juan  Family info: We have been married for 24 years, and we have 5 daughters (yes 5), Angela 23, Pita 19, Suzie 18, Daisey 7 and Anabel 4. We also have a grandson who is 4. Angela has graduated from College and works full time, Pita is a Junior at Texas Woman's University, Suzie is a Senior in High School trying to decide on what college she will attend in the fall. My family is the love of my life and nothing is more important than they are!!! Job info: I have worked at Aenta for the past 10 years, I am currently an Implementation Manger, and I love my job. Hobbies: My hobby include coaching two soccer teams, playing soccer, girl scouts, working with my community and volunteering, very involved in the schools that my children attend. Influence: I had several friends that made my high school years the best, Nita Souza (Moreno), Patricia Ruiz (Macias), Rosalinda Cano and LaDena Reed. Without them my high school years would have been hard. They helped me through some really tough times and make me a strong person, and for that I THANK YOU!! Ms. Rocha was a great teacher and friend. Things Different: I may have changed a few things, but you can't wallow in the past, just learn from your mistakes!! Comments: Go Bulldogs!!!
Velia Eugenia Carranza

Williams, Andrew

320 NW 29th St

Oklahoma City OK 73103


1/3/2011 - Special Friends At NDHS  Claudia Hubbard ,Thomas Douglass all of Washington St projects,  State-Thomas and Caddo St area all of 1982 you all call anytime....Steve Brown miss you man